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Project Upcycle

25th February 2019

Upcycling is a word we hear so much these days but what does it really mean? Upcycling truly is an art form. It’s the process of taking something unused, unwanted or wasted and transforming it into something with purpose. You can give a new lease of life to a tired looking table, you can customise items of clothing to give yourself a whole new look!

Beginners can start with a small craft project and build into something on a larger scale. There are plenty of tutorials and guides on YouTube and Pinterest that will help you get some inspiration. It is easy to lift a dining area by re-upholstering your dining chairs. Using new fabrics and textures can really transform a piece of furniture and the room.

As we are coming into Spring we can dare to dream that the weather will start to get a little warmer (fingers crossed!) which provides a whole host of new upcycling opportunities. I’ve seen people transform wooden pallets into entire furniture sets. It really is remarkable what you can do if you use a little imagination and creativity! For those feeling a little less adventurous, why not use an old juice carton or milk bottle and create a bird feeder. This is a perfect activity for little ones to join in and keep them occupied in school holidays.